Panda Express Feedback


Panda Express Feedback is a sort of survey which has been started by Panda Express so as to gain various customer feedbacks for the improvement of the food quality and customer service.

Another intention behind Panda Express starting its feedback survey is to know something more about the customers likes and dislikes regarding any of Panda Express services and accordingly, Panda Express can improve the services for its customers, which can eventually also help with the development of the company itself.

Panda Express Feedback

Panda Express Feedback

Here, we will be providing all the details regarding the process of Panda Express Feedback so that the readers can get more clarity regarding the same.


Where can the feedback be taken:

  • Panda Express Feedback can be easily taken by the customers on or on
  • The Online Feedback Survey of Panda Express has been organized by none other than the Panda Express Group so as to get the valuable feedback from all of their loyal customers.
  • Via the Survey, Panda Express targets to know the ratings to gauge customer satisfaction.
  • The survey which is provided by Panda Express can be winded up by the survey takers in just five minutes.
  • This is because customer’s happiness is considered to be of prime importance across all the aspects, and thus Panda Express aims to provide the same services across all domains.


History of Panda Express:

  • Panda Express is nothing but a renowned American fast food restaurant chain.
  • It serves American-Chinese Cuisine in districts of Puerto Rico, Canada, Columbia, Guam, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, and Guatemala.
  • It has come to be known as one of the largest Asian restaurant chains across the USA.
  • Panda Expressis ideally a private food subsidiary, which was founded in 1983 in October by Andrew and Peggy Cherng.
  • It is headquartered at 1683 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, California, USA.


Why is the feedback survey needed:

  • As the competition across various food service providers has been increasing day by day, it is imperative to put a feedback survey in place so as to get feedback from loyal customers.
  • These feedbacks are made sure to be provided by the customers themselves so as to make them happier and ultimately deliver to the best which the customers actually deserve.
  • Besides, the feedback of customers also helps the restaurant to grow in a rather progressive way.
  • Panda Express provides various Coupon Codes to customers to get discounts as well as Gift Cards along with Free Panda Express Meal so as to incentivize them for contributing to their survey.


What does the feedback consist of:

The feedback consists of questions across the following topics:

  • The rate of customer satisfaction can be gauged via ratings
  • The behavior of the staff towards the customers
  • Any additional comments by the customers or recommendations
  • The speed of service
  • The food quality and taste

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This feedback survey is a giant leap by Panda Express to establish a strong foothold in the domain of customer satisfaction. How it fares for them, only time will tell.


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