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founded Costa Vida Fresh Mexican Grill in Salt Lake City in 2003. Mexican cuisine is served at this restaurant, including fresh tortillas and guacamole cooked from scratch.

Survey Name Costa Vida Guest Satisfaction Survey
Survey URL
Survey Prize Receive free small chips, Salsa
Entry Methods Online
Survey Limit 1 per person, per receipt

Numerous unusual foods on the menu include tacos, quesadillas, burritos, salads, enchiladas, and nachos, which are just a few of the many options.

Consumers may fill out a questionnaire at Costa Vida that will aid them in answering their query after they have been prompted to do so. It enables Costa Vida restaurants to enhance their cuisine, service, and product offerings.

Both the restaurant and its patrons benefit from the Survey since it helps develop and provide better results in terms of service and food. Those who visit Costa Vida restaurants and those who like their cuisine should participate in this Survey in return for meal coupons and rewards from Costa Vida.

How to Take Costa Vida Survey

These instructions, which we have supplied for your convenience, are required before you can begin or finish the survey. These steps will help you go through the Survey without any problems.

Costa Vida’s official survey website may be found at

Take the Survey after entering your store number on the main page by clicking the Next button.

Afterward, you will be sent to a survey where you may score how satisfied you were with your visit to the Costa Vida store.

Next, go back to the Costa Vida Services page and review your most recent purchases.

Fill in the fields with your relevant information and then click Next.

Please click on the Submit Survey button below to finish the Costa Vida Survey once you’ve finished everything else. The Costa Vida Sweepstakes, where you may win prizes and perks for completing your Survey, will be made available to you now.

The Costa Vida Redemption Code may be located on your most recent Costa Vida receipt and should be copied or saved for future use.

You might get the Costa Vida Redemption item if your code is lucky.

Costa Vida Survey Benefits and Rewards

Take the Costa Vida survey after that. Costa Vida gift cards might be yours if you win this contest. There’s also a Costa Vida gift card to be won. 

Costa Vida would like to thank you for your patronage by providing you with some tasty treats. As a consequence, the Costa Vida Survey will be available to you. 

After Costa Vida’s customer satisfaction survey was completed, Costa Vida rewards coupons will be given to all participants. You may use the Costa Vida coupons to get free meals at Costa Vida restaurants when you return.

Terms and conditions Costa Vida Survey

Some rules and requirements must be followed to participate in the Costa Vida Survey. 

A Costa Vida Purchase Receipt must be readily available for the user’s usage.

A laptop or a cell phone may be used as a connection device to connect to the Internet.

The user must be able to converse well in English.

All Canadians with a valid address may participate in this poll. 

Only one person may participate in the Survey for each offer on the Survey.

It is not possible to sell or give away the Gift Card that a user receives after completing the Survey. It would help if you used it for free Costa Vida meals; it cannot be saved or transferred.

It is not possible for anybody linked to or a family member of someone employed at this restaurant to participate in this poll.

Your promo code will expire if you don’t finish the Survey before the deadline.

About the Costa Vida Survey

Costa Vida was born on Mexico’s beaches and quickly grew into a popular destination for beachgoers and active vacationers. The goal is to provide high-energy activities with fuel and flavour via high-quality meals.

There are already 49 Costa Vida restaurants around the country, and the company expects to launch more than 200 more franchisees in the following years.

A rapidly expanding Mexican restaurant chain in the U.S. is Costa Vida, a Mexican restaurant chain under the Costa Vida name. 

In 2003, this Costa Vida restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah, opened its doors for the first time. Nachos, sandwiches, burritos, tortillas, quesadillas, and Baja plates are just some of the items on the Costa Vida menu.


Consumers may rate their experience with Costa Vida’s products and services by taking its Guest Satisfaction Survey, accessible at Aside from improving customer service and store atmosphere, the information you provide will also be utilized to identify and enhance individual products. This Survey may be completed online for your convenience.

 It is an excellent tool if you’ve had a bad experience or want to congratulate someone. Using this method, they will be able to work on their talents. Redeemable tickets will also be given to you at the time of your visit, and your receipt will reveal the deal you’ll be getting.

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